Hi, Lane Coe here.

People know me as the Video Guy.

In my Professional life, I’m a Video Consultant/Social Advertiser/Persuasive Storyteller.

But like most people I had to grow into what I am today.

So it all started in Texas.

I was adopted by my wonderful parents when I was 5 days old.  They gave me everything I needed… Love, Adventure, Opportunity, Discipline… they gave me Life.

When I was 12 my Dad got a summer job for me.  A trash cleanup guy for construction sites.  WOW, I did not like that job.  I vowed then to always have a job that was cleaner and less hot.

And, like most boys growing up in the 80’s, I wanted to play guitar and share the stage with Eddie Van Halen.  I wanted to sing with Def Leppard.  I wanted to be a Rock and Roll Star.

For a while, I was a Star.  I toured around the USA and some overseas.  I had roadies and groupies.   I slept on buses and in cheap motels.  I lived the life.

However, I knew there was more to life than that.

I went back to college, got my degree, and headed out into the world to get a job.

Wow, the real world made Rock and Roll seem tame.  It was/is cutthroat, mean, and nasty.  Demanding bosses, time clocks to punch, and rent is due every month.

I remember someone telling me that if you have a job you love then it doesn’t seem like a job anymore.

My brother suggested that I try working on Cruise Ships.  Yeah, that sounded like a great “job”.

I was the Sound and Light Director for a couple different Cruise lines.  I worked with Comedians, Illusionists, Singers, Dancers, Divas, and professional Speakers.  It was a great life, I learned a lot about people.

One day I looked around and realized that this was just like being on a tour bus except it was on the ocean.

In 1998 I quit the cruise life and headed back to dry land, determined to never have a job I did not love ever again.  For the most part I did succeed… Maybe too well.  At one time I was working 5 jobs.  One in Technology and the other 4 in entertainment.

Over the years I have had many job titles, from a Professional Gambler, Video Editor, Zombie Actor, Dog Trainer, and Copywriter to name a few.

Some of these jobs I loved more than others, but all together it has been great!

While on this magical journey of life, I was lucky enough to meet and marry the love of my life, Ingrid, in 2007.

She is also the Chief Editor here at LaneCoe.com

We go SCUBA diving and dress up for Halloween and Christmas.  We have been in music videos (as Zombies), raise big dogs and little birds. Sing Karaoke.  And we love to explore the world and experience new things.

That’s enough about me for now,

Lane Coe


“I don’t believe in past lives.  But, if I did believe… in my past life I must have been a court jester.”   Lane Coe 2012